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Weddings, Birthdays, and a Whole Lot More!

Do you have a special event coming up you want to remember for years to come?
My celebration highlight videos capture the fun and tender moments of any get-together,

Including: Surprise parties, Dinner parties, Garden parties, 

Receptions, Soirées, Dances and Balls,

Fundraising parties, Christmas parties ,
Showers, Graduation, 

Pre-parties, and After-parties!


I’ve got you covered!


By keeping mobile I can capture key moments
without fail and make the party look even livelier
than how your remembered it!

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A wonderful, professional individual to work with. Creates absolutely stunning videos! Has a keen creative eye and can visualize so much, once you see the completed footage, you’ll be like “How did you get that to look so good??!!”

Alexia S. Park

Trending Ideas

I’m always setting the trend with a combination of the newest shooting styles utilizing the latest technology in both shooting and editing.

Being 3 years ahead in shooting compared to most Canadian videographers ensures your video stays relevant for as long as possible!

Looking Young

Don’t let my Asian look fool you. I’m 30 and I have a decade of experience in editing, photography, and videography. 

Reason Why

My terrible memory is the reason I’m so passionate about videography. I fear losing the memories that are dear to me so I shoot lots of photos and videos. I find it makes me really content to help others record their events in a way that is meaningful and sparks precious memories.

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