ANIME NORTH 2015 - 2016
Special Effect Photography Booth
In collaboration with Trillance

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Will be editing faster than the speed of light as you finish your shoot with Rocky. Will be responsible for co-directing the pose, to putting in special effects into your photo, to uploading and printing it.

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Rocky Trillance

Come have your personal photoshoot with Rocky of Trillance Photography, a renowned cosplay photographer. Known for making every shoot unique and enjoyable. He will be doing shoots with a black and white backdrop as well.

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Free Photoshoot

Schedule a shoot with us and share your photo absolutely free. Print your photo out at minimal charge for a unique keepsake.

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Share Your Photo Instantly

Edits will be immediately uploaded to Facebook where you can share or download them. Show off your costume before Facebook is flooded with Anime North photos! If there wasn't enough time to edit your photo up to your standards during the event, let us know and we'll re-edit and reupload them within the week.

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"Gosh, your editing is splendid! I'm always PROUD to put my logo on your stuff"
- Rocky Trillance

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Get An Idea of What Your Quick Edit Photos Will Look Like

Below are examples of the backgrounds you can choose from for the quick edits! (done in around 5 minutes) For a nominal fee you can receive a small print instantly.

See the screenshots!

Epic Edit Upgrades

Consider dropping by anytime to get one or 2 photo taken for a quick edit or for the image to be stored for the EPIC EDIT. 
\ - $30 for the epic edit (digital)

Epic edits include:
Research on the character of the cosplay
Epic skin retouches
Epic unique backgrounds
Epic personalized special effects

See More Examples!

Find and Share Your Edited Photo